Dr. Charles Webb

Built a multimillion dollar functional medicine practice and duplicated his model in over 400 practices.

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Who Do You Run to When Your Practice is Running You?

Talk to healthcare professionals and they’ll tell you, they’re not running their practice; it’s running them. 

They have no time for themselves, their profits are low and they are constantly stressed out. 

Dr. Charles Webb knows this cycle all too well: he lived it! But then he discovered a path toward a more profitable, more impactful and less stressful practice—one that allowed him more time with his patients and more time with his family. 

He now teaches other physicians how to build a practice that delivers more wealth, more time and more peace of mind.

What do doctors say about hearing Dr. Webb speak? 

"Dr. Webb never fails to lift me up, give practical advice & fire me and my team up. Dr. Webb uses humor, intensity and eloquence to speak to your very soul. He inspires with authenticity and personal experience."

- Dr. Cynthia Carey, El Paso, Texas

"I'm acutely aware of Dr. Webb's powerful presence that at the same time honors and reveals a humble servant's heart to the core. He can dish up some humble pie that's not bitter, but helps me tow the line without condemning. He speaks truth in such a way that I'm encouraged to believe in myself and ditch my excuses."

- Dr. Christina Smith, Prairieville, Louisiana

"I am constantly in awe when Dr. Charles Webb speaks. He is always so laser focused on the message that health is the only truth, and everything else is an excuse. He cuts right to the point of the matter with sincerity and strength. He is unwavering."

- Dr. Daemon Jones, Washington, D.C.